Lawn Installation Worcester

Lawn Installation Worcester MA

How we perform the real turf laying service?

There is nothing more satisfying than getting an instant transformation of your garden with new lawn installation. And when the turfing job is done by professionals, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results and a thriving, lush lawn.

This is what to expect and how it is all done:

  • Preliminary site clearance – The Fantastic team will, first, clear the surface from weeds, old turf, plants, debris, rocks and stones. They can also remove any hard surfaces, such as decking, pavers and slabs.
  • Levelling – The next step includes site levelling where needed. The landscapers will add or remove soil to level any uneven patches or reduce the gradient of a slope.
  • Adding topsoil – The perfectly levelled ground will be covered with a layer of topsoil, for optimum turf roots establishment.
  • Turf laying – The specialist will lay the turf rolls, without gaps in between rolls to get that uniform lawn look.
  • Lawn edging – The landscaper will form the edges neatly to achieve an aesthetic result that fits with the rest of your garden features – flower beds, rockeries or patio.
  • Free expert advice – You will receive a free maintenance plan on when to water the lawn, how often to cut the grass, and so on!


Thinking of installing artificial turf instead of real?

Artificial grass is the perfect low-maintenance alternative for people who want to have a lawn without the need of a Sunday mow. It is appropriate for travellers and other individuals who lack the time for lawn care, but still want to enjoy the lush green. It is also very pet and child-friendly.


Here is what you can expect from your artificial grass installation service:

  • Site Clearance of weeds, plants, debris and other materials.
  • Levelling – The landscaping team will remove or add soil if necessary, add hard base and sand, and will compact it.
  • Laying anti-weed membrane – Weed growth prevention is important to consider when laying new fake turf, so an anti-weed membrane will be laid to make sure weeds won’t grow through your new fake lawn.
  • Stability – In order to provide more stability to your new fake turf, the specialists will install a frame of joist. They will also add sharp sand to it afterwards to keep it fixed to the ground.
  • Artificial turf installation – Due to the wide range of fake turf types, your new artificial lawn might be installed using adhesive to make sure it will stay in place. But in some cases, silica sand application will be enough to fixate it. The surveyor will let you know which method will be used for your project.

Artificial turf is an excellent time saving low maintenance solution for a growing number of people.  Due to the pace of modern life people have less time to devote to simple garden maintenance tasks like lawn mowing or weeding.  These time-consuming jobs become a thing of the past with artificial grass, as do problems of bare patches in your lawn or watering your grass through summer droughts.  Artificial turf is also a perfect solution in areas that receive very little sunlight.

Worcester Landscaping Services are an independent installer of artificial turf and as such are not tied to any single manufacturer of artificial grass.  This means we are free to give you unbiased, impartial advice on what type of artificial grass is most suited to your budget and requirements. We have installed artificial grass provided by most of the big artificial grass suppliers.

In the last few years, there have been real advances in the quality of synthetic surfaces of artificial grass. We understand there are some instances where artificial turf may be wanted or required as an alternative to real grass.  We have experience in the installation, renovation and maintenance of high-quality synthetic grass surfaces.  Whether you are looking for a low maintenance garden or creating an all-weather sports area like a bowling green, tennis court or football pitch, artificial turf is worth considering.  Worcester Landscaping Services is happy to show you an assortment of samples to help you decide if artificial grass is for you

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