HydroSeeding Worcester

Hydroseeding Worcester MA

Hydroseeding: What Is It and Does It Work?

You’ve probably seen hydroseeding applied dozens of times but never given it much thought. That is, until you’re faced with building a great, long-lasting lawn or covering an area that needs to be reclaimed after a construction project. You might also think about hydroseeding if you’ve suffered soil erosion after a washout or some natural devastation. Then you’ll be investigating your grassy options based on time and the optimal return on your investment. You’ll be pleased to know that hydroseeding will be your best value by a longshot.

You’re sure to be asking questions like, “what is hydroseeding? How does hydroseeding work? How much does it cost to hydroseed a lawn?” Most of all, you’re probably wondering, “Does my business need hydroseeding?” You’ll also be questioning how difficult the hydroseeding process is and where you can find a commercial landscape company that specializes in hydroseeding.

Think of the times you’ve gone past an area covered by a fresh blanket of darkish green mulch that’s starting to show bright green shoots. You know it’s the start of a lawn or grassy slope, but you don’t know how the landscapers accomplished that, never mind if it’s cost-effective, easy to achieve, time-saving or produces better vegetation. Hydroseeding gives all these advantages and more over expensive sod laying and inconsistently hand-broadcasting dry seeds.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

A few of the benefits of using hydroseeding services for your landscape project include:

  • Faster growth than traditional seeding application
  • Seed can be custom blended for unique site conditions (i.e. shade, poor soil conditions, etc.)
  • More cost-effective than sod for large areas
  • Seed distribution is more even than when using a broadcast application
  • Greater germination rates than traditional “dry seeding” methods

Almost any type of seed can be applied through hydroseeding. If it’s commercially available, it can be applied through hydroseeding. That includes seeds intended for:

  • Ornamental grasses for front lawns
  • Commercial and industrial landscaping vegetation
  • Tough species for playgrounds and sports fields
  • Grasses that do well in hot climates and shady woods
  • Specialty seed mixtures for golf courses and public parks
  • Wildflower blends for roadways and slope remediation
  • Grasses for wildfire restoration and mine reclamation
  • Seeds specially-suited for landfill sealing
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