How Much Water Does My Lawn Need in Summer?

For lawns located in the northern area it’s recommended to water your landscaping deeply and infrequently at least one inch per week.


Why is Mowing the Right Height and In Alternating Patterns Important?

Having your grass cut at the right height — recommended at three inches — will cause less damage to your grass and prevent any stress that could negatively impact your lawn. With proper height and alternating trimming patterns, your lawn will be healthier — which allows for shading, fights against weed growth and protects the grass against insect damages.


How Can A Well-Landscaped Property Help Sell My Home?

When selling your home, the landscaping is often one of the first details prospective buyers notice — and attractive and well-maintained lawns and plantlife adds curb appeal and a welcoming aesthetic. With a well-landscaped property, you can even see up to 10% home value added, so take your landscape project seriously.


What Type of Maintenance Does An Irrigation System Require?

Proper maintenance of your home’s irrigation system can reduce water waste and improve plant life. Maintenance is fairly simple — check the system at least two times seasonally when first turned on and halfway through the season. Regular maintenance includes inspecting the controller, updating any times or dates, checking all wire connections, replacing backup battery and turning on each zone to check for damages.




When and Why Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

Fertilizing your lawn is a necessary lawn care task to ensure your lawn has proper nutrients to ensure healthy growth and attractive quality. In northern areas of the county, like we recommend you apply fertilizer once per year in the springtime.


When Is the Best Time To Reinvent Landscaping?

Many may assume springtime is the ideal season for landscaping installations, but for plantings like trees, shrubs and grass, fall is the best time for projects because of the warm days and cool evenings and the increased precipitation that assists new plant establishment. With fall plantings, you’ll have six to eight months to get roots established before warmer months, weeds are less frequent and the soil temperature is still warm. However, for perennial and annual flowers, springtime is the best time for planting.


What Is Landscaping Colour Theory?

Colour theory refers to the aesthetic art of mixing Colours and the visual effects of those Colour combinations — to create a relaxing feel, make small spaces seem larger, attract attention to an area or tie areas together, for example. In landscaping, the Colour spectrum is divided into four groups:


Primary: reds, yellows and blues

Secondary: greens, violets and oranges

Tertiary: blends of primary and secondary Colours

Neutral: white, gray, tan and silvers


Is there a GUARANTEE?

We guarantee all work will be done in a professional and workmanlike manner to the specifications in the contract. Our work will meet or exceed standards set by the American National Institute.



Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes. Worcester Landscaping Services meets or exceeds the legal requirements for licensing and insurance as required. Rest assured, each job carries liability coverage to protect your property from harm and workers’ compensation insurance for our employees.

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